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One of our interest is the cultural component enriches the project and contribute to the diffusion of the Art, History and the different traditions that conform the natural folklore of the area.

We have been carried out different cultural projects and tried to give back to the monument their old splendor:

The called Portuguese Route or Monastic Route, departs from Lisboa to Oporto and disperses in three ways: the Interior, also called Central; the North and the one of the Coast also called “Monastic Way”. At this last one, the pilgrims crossed the border of the Miño and raised from A Guarda to Redondela, where the three Portuguese routes are united again.

The Portuguese Coast Route exists at least from 1450, one of the most important shelters constituted by the Monastery of Santa Maria de Oia.

The references tell us that the Monastery counted, in addition, with an important hospital, something basic for the pilgrims, because in those times the dangers of the ways were not few. Therefore the Monastery was an important oxygen ball where the travellers obtained forces for the Galician section just begun.

Currently its importance within the set of roads to Santiago is very reduced, being nevertheless one of most beautiful for the travellers.

In the 2005 and 2006 the owner firm of the Royal Monastery of Oia organized, with the collaboration of associations like Amigos de los Pazos or the Galician Association of Friends of the Road to Santiago, a symbolic long route from A Guarda to Vigo in four stages of approximately 15 kilometers . The participation was a success, nevertheless it is fundamental to unit efforts for this promotion.


Conferences were celebrated (2 and 10 of June of the 2006) about the value of the Monastery, in which we counted with the presence of D. Luis Lafuente Batanero, General Assistant Director of the Historical Patrimony Protection of the Ministery of Culture, and professor D. Ermelindo Portela of the Department of Medieval History of Santiago de Compostela University like lecturers the 2 of June in Cultural Center Caixanova of Vigo, in addition the 10 th of June Ana Pereira, Doctor in History of Art and Grato Amor celebrated other session in Oia.

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